About the college

Malyn Forest Technical College (MLTK) is included in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine and State Register of higher education in Ukraine. The school was founded in 1927. During the years of its activity it has trained more than 22.5 thousand specialists in forestry.

Malyn Forest Technical College – College of Basic State Committee of Ukraine – trains young professionals in five specialities: «Forestry», «Forestry and primary wood processing», «Maintenance and repair of forestry complex equipment», «Accounting», and «Cultivation of wood». All are licensed specialities.

The whole Malyn Forest Technical College complex is a member of the State Landscape Reserve of local importance «Hamarnya». The historical value of the protected area is increased by the fact that the family of the famous explorer, ethnologist Mikluho-Maklay lived here in the nineteenth century.

Located on the campus are three college buildings, industrial and educational workshops, two hostels, sports complex, dining room, a club «Youth», a park, forest nurseries and greenhouses. The college has all the necessary social amenities for students.

In addition to obtaining special education, depending on their speciality, full time students acquire trades, such as «harvester», «forest ranger», «landscaper», «framer», «keyboard operator», and «driver of vehicles (category B) or motor vehicles (category C)». The College also offers facilities to complete secondary education.

The college has its own historical museum, which for its success in establishing and maintaining, was awarded  the title «Model Museum» by the Museum Fund of Ukraine.

Since 2008, the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine has established a separate division within the college – «Malyn educational information and consulting office».
This division trains specialists to obtain the educational qualification «bachelor» by field work in «Forest and park  management» and «Forestry and primary wood processing».